The Discovery Project

Tomorrow would been my first day of school at my university. There would be all these new changes and new people and new opportunities and a new living space and new possibilities of great and beautiful things to come. Many people I know and love are in this wonderful situation. So so many. 

But not this girl. Not this year at least. Graduating college has its ups, yes. But it also has its downs. And I’ve discovered there are many. However… I do not like dwelling on negativities. I don’t like the person it makes me. I’ve been trying to look at this next year as a splendid opportunity to learn about myself as a person and grow as a human being. I’ll have the time to really do anything I ever felt curious about. Want to learn to kickbox? Okay, take a class. Want to spend the mornings kayaking? Okay, borrow Dad’s pickup. Want to bake blueberry muffins and watch horror films? Grab a muffin tin and a fluffy pillow. 

I’ve decided to start a personal project. I am going to learn. About anything that piques my interest; exploring the world around me while I have the time. Sure there’ll be busy days and times that work will get the better of me. But since the vast majority of my friends are back in classes or have moved to new cities, I’ll be going solo and learning all I can. 

So here I go. (The list is ongoing…)

  • bake chai and pumpkin cookies
  • kayak more often
  • learn to do the splits
  • tone the ol’ bod
  • discover clever things to do with my hair
  • adult ballet classes
  • finish a classic novel
  • read the Book of Psalms
  • visit my grandmother’s grave more often
  • become my dog’s best friend
  • sleep in a tent
  • learn all 50 state captials
  • donate clothes I don’t need
  • become closer to God
  • learn solo card games besides solitaire
  • get better at chess
  • draw and sketch and collage
  • write lots and lots of letters
  • get soaked by rainfall
  • photograph autumn in Fontenelle Forest and Nebraska City
  • learn calligraphy